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Culture, history, and people have consistently been brought together, continuously interacting and reacting, then fermenting over time, gradually evolving into the Taiwan and South Korea we know today.


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Korean side the Cultures Fermented art piece Chaebol Blue House KPOP #EscapeTheCorset (2018) March 1st Movement (1919) #MeToo Movement (2018) Newstapa(2013-) June Struggle(1987) Seoul 1988 Summer Olympics(1988) Gwangju Uprising(1980) Constitution Day (July 17th) Hangul Day (October 9th) Gaecheonjeol (October 3rd) National Liberation Day of Korea (August 15th) Korean Traditional Dance Pansori Gentlemen Should Stay Away From Kitchen. Social Class Yangban Shared Spoon Etiquette Korean Shamans Social Class Kneeling Ritual
Taiwan side the Cultures Fermented art piece Authoritarian Symbols Beyond Beauty - TAIWAN FROM ABOVE (2013) The Blacklist Dapu Forced Land Eviction Incident (2010) Deity Pilgrimage Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin (Scientific Name:Sousa Chinensis Taiwanesis) Ethnic Diversity Filial Piety The Four Books & The Five Classics Taiwan Garrison Command (1945-1992) Han Kuo-yu recall election (2020) Kaoshiung Formosa Incident(1979) Kneeling Ritual Leopard Cat (Scientific Name: Prionailurus Bengalensis) Mandarin Only Policy (1945-1987) Men Are Superior To Women. Nobody Is An Outsider. (2017-) Anti-Nuclear Movement (1980-) Counterattack On The Mainland Let Riches And Treasures Come Into The House. Kid-Praying Shrine Rose Boy (2000) Same-Sex Marriage (2019) Rainbow Flag(1986-) At Sb's Beck And Call Social Class Social Movement Sunflower Student Movement (2014) Protest on Changes to Highschool Curriculum (2015) Destruction of Sun Yat-Sen Statue (2014) Tēnn Lâm-iông(1947-1989) Thanks, Master! (2004-) Tree Protection Movement Vote Wansui (= Long Live) Widow Chastity Arches Destruction of Wu Feng Statue (1988)



In Asia, the tradition of pickling ingredients in ceramic urns exists in many societies. The process of pickling can be used to describe the way culture, history, and people have been brought together, continuously interacting and reacting, then fermenting over time, gradually evolving into the Taiwan and South Korea we know today. Visual artist Cheng Chin-wen, has created an artwork inspired by this concept of fermentation, depicting many prominent characteristics of culture and significant social events in Taiwan and South Korea.

If the development of the two countries' cultures is to be likened to the process of fermentation, Confucianism is surely one of the base ingredients, as is the history Japanese occupation. Both countries have experienced similar changes in society; in both urns, we can also add several nationwide social movements: the Taiwanese people's petition to establish a Taiwanese Parliament, and South Korea's March 1st Movement were both pivotal political movements that resisted Japanese colonial rule. The struggle against authoritarian governments during martial law in both countries such as Taiwan’s Formosa Incident in 1979 and the 1989 Gwangju Uprising in Korea is another layer in the pickling urn. Both urns contain the taste of blood and sweat; fermented with the people's perseverance, there is also the sweetness of democracy and freedom.

While the urns for the two countries hold many similar historical ingredients, the ingredients of language, religious beliefs, and social values produce two distinct flavours. South Korea's #MeToo movement in 2018 which kicked off the #EscapeTheCorset social media revolution highlighted the gender inequality in South Korean society. Around the same time, the LGBT+ rights movement in Taiwan gained momentum when the Constitutional Court made the historical ruling that barring same-sex couples the right to marry was unconstitutional, marking a step forwards towards social equality. Despite sharing many historical influences, Taiwan and South Korea each have their own secret ingredient inside the pickling urn, found in the differences of their everyday society and culture.

As both these urns continue to ferment, let us taste the change as the people of both countries continue to build a better society!


Chin-Wen was born in 1985 in Weaver Girl’s hometown, Changhua Hemei. He majored in industrial design in university and pursued a career as an animation artist after graduation. He now works as a freelance illustrator.

He believes that drawing is a way of life in which he can earn a living while enjoying it. It is also his medium to raise the public's awareness of important issues. The most favored aspect of Chin-Wen’s creations is that he incorporates "personal viewpoints'' into his art. This is also the most real reflection of himself, giving him more room for creativity and imagination!

His concern and attention for society is as realistic and detailed as his style. He has a unique way of conveying his views in an artistic way, so that more people can value them together! In this collaboration with the TAIWANfest, he believes that the theme “Cultures Fermented” provides a very interesting contrast that allows him to understand the past of Korea from a Taiwanese perspective and see the opportunities of Taiwan from a Korean perspective. However, the starting point is the concept of multiculturalism in Canada. The fusion and interaction of these three different cultures is fully and exquisitely expressed in his artwork.

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